The Philipp Auger Watch Company is a tribute to Louis-Philipp Auger who is a traveler, achiever and world explorer. Although gps maps exists, all he use when exploring the world and reaching new landmarks is his old compass and a thin, classic, light watch with a small casual nato bracelet holding the case smoothly. From the top of the highest mountains to the deepest reaches of the jungles, he always has his compass and watch by his side indicating him where to go next.

That's why we have chosen the compass as our iconic logo inside each dial of our watches.

Philipp Auger Compass
The design is born out of an adventurer's journey around the planet earth and our will to develop the perfect watch to wear around your wrist for every occasion. With the Philipp Auger watch you always have the perfect wristwatch around - for traveling, for work, for a sunny day at the beach or at a special occasion. We have many different models and colors so that you can find the one that fits your lifestyle best.

Design was one of the most important things when we developed the collection. Our watches has a modern simplicity that is minimalistic and cool at the same time. The case is very thin and its sharp lines are specially designed and developed by us in an effort to produce the perfect watch for all occasions. We have also made a huge effort developing the most beautiful box to embrace the watches. The watch box itself will look good on any coffee table. The grey colored outside and the off white colored inside is just details that shows the effort we have put to details.

We find our inspiration from our travels, beautiful places around the planet earth and Scandinavian nature. Craftsmanship and decades of experience among the Philipp Auger team have formed the brand and the stylish, simple watches that fits everybody.

- Follow the compass & explore the world! /Philipp Auger