The Collection

We have created a collection that will fit every human being. We believe that everyone in this world will find a watch that they like from our brand. We also think that everybody should own a wristwatch, it is the one accessory that everyone can wear daily.

We have everything from ”preppy” watches for the dressed up gentleman to ”sporty” watches for the casual city man. For the ladies we have all kinds of sizes, all the way down to 26 mm in diameter on the case of the watch for that feminine elegant look. We also have more color combinations on our watches than any other company in the watch industry, that is just one of the things that makes us unique and stand out. As a young brand we want to bring everything to the table, from sporty stylish watches to elegant casual watches in one big mix with a lot of color and size options.

People with great taste will love our collection - People like you.



We have many different beautiful straps. Our ”NATO” straps are available in a lot of different color combinations. The original ”NATO” strap came from the British Navy, and the old time army divers. They used these straps on their diving watch so they could easily adjust the size to make the watch fit outside the wet suit. It was also because the ”NATO” strap would not break due to rust after being in the water. The look and use of these straps is just lovely, we love our color combinations and we hope you do, too!


Our leather straps are made of 100% genuine Italian leather. A leather strap is looking great with any dressed up style. A great watch strap for the special occasions. We have plain leather straps and also we have crocodile leather straps for the luxurious look. Choose between dark brown, light brown, black, white or why not the brand new dark green colored leather strap?

Carbon fiber

The carbon fiber strap is as tough as it sounds. With this strap along with pitch black dial we have focused on the masculine racing look. Most car components are made of steel. Replacing steel components with carbon fiber reduces the weight of most cars by 60 percent. That 60 percent drop in weight would, in return, make the car go faster without having to change the car's engine. A must have on the wrist for the men that love watches & motorsport.